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IT security

IT security is becoming increasingly important for companies, while systems are becoming more complex and new possibilities such as cloud services are being added. We support you by creating a security concept for your company and by conducting our IT audit or our penetration test, in which we simulate an attack on your data in order to uncover specific vulnerabilities and propose improvement strategies.

IT security concept

We create security concepts for our customers in which we present the required standards and recommend systems and providers. Based on this concept, you can implement and review measures.


In our view, a security concept should consist of the following components:

  • Authorisation and authorisation allocation concept
  • Network plan
  • Backup concept
  • Anti-virus concept
  • Guidelines for action
  • Emergency plan and drills

Keep it simple!
To ensure that a safety concept also works in practice, this is number one rule for us.

Our IT security concept is based on market standards such as the “BSI Grundschutz” and ISO 27001.


The effort required to create a security concept depends on the company and the processes. As a rule, a security concept for a company with up to 100 employees can be developed for 7,500 euros plus VAT.

IT audits


During our IT audit, we examine whether the processes in your company meet the corresponding requirements and fulfil the required standards. We summarize the results in a report and derive measures to eliminate any observed deficiencies. On the basis of that, you can adapt and optimize processes within your company.


The effort required to carry out an audit depends on the scope of the audit assignment. An on-site audit of compliance with the security measures according to Art. 32 DS-GVO can usually be carried out for 3,500 euros plus VAT.

Penetration tests

Would you like to have checked whether your current system can withstand an external attack without taking any risks and by an independent institution? We perform a penetration test for you so that you know whether your data and systems are secure.


Our penetration test consists of a systems analysis, an usually intensive scan of the firewall or website and a recommended course of action. Our final report is based on an easy to understand traffic light system ranging from green – test passed, to yellow – opportunity for improvement, to red – security gaps that could be exploited immediately. With this knowledge, security gaps can be eliminated by your IT department.

A penetration test is a systems analysis using the same tools that an attacker would use. The difference to a real hacker attack is that a penetration test reveals the existing vulnerabilities and risks – without any data leakage.

For most of our clients, in a second step and after implementing the measures and updating the system, we perform a control scan to check the effectiveness of the measures taken.


We offer our penetration test for a lump sum of 2.490 Euro (plus VAT).
A control scan to check the implemented measures costs 1,490 euros (plus VAT).